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About the Ethics Line
Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Votorantim Code of Conduct expresses the organization's commitment to ethical behavior in its relations with customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, government, media, local communities and society in general. It is a tool that is intended to be used in day-to-day activities, guiding actions and decisions, and ensuring common standards in all the Votorantim companies, independently of region, culture or market.

bservation of the Code of Conduct is mandatory for all employees of the Votorantim companies. It also serves as a reference for the organization's partners, inspiring ethical, impartial and transparent relations and respect for people, diversity and the environment.

Ethics Line​ is a communication channel to learn about, analyze and solve any issue related to the Code of Conduct. It is available to both internal and external stakeholders. The Ethics Line is an impartial and transparent channel that guarantees the confidentiality of the information reported and preserves the identity of the people involved. The objective is to promote a better and fairer workplace environment for everyone.

You are encouraged to read the
Code of Conduct in its entirety, in order to understand and use this document as a reference in your day-to-day contacts with the Votorantim companies.​

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