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Votorantim Metais Holding
Vision / Values / Policies
Awards and Recognitions
Corporate Governance

Votorantim's nature is explained in its Vision, Values, Management Beliefs, in its Code of Conduct and in its Principles of Sustainability​. The set of guidelines leads the company's businesses, goals and challenges.


Ensuring growth and endurance as a large-scale family group, respected and acknowledged in its bordering community, focusing on creating an economic, environmental and social value, through:

  • Ethic values which guide a responsible business conduct; 
  • Highly competitive businesses; 
  • Search for creative and innovative solutions according to its portfolio; 
  • People motivated to achieve an excellent performance.


Values permeate all actions, decisions and relationships of Votorantim with their public, forming the acronym SEREU:​

  • Solidity: searching for sustainable growth with value generation; 
  • Ethics: acting in a responsible and transparent way; 
  • Respect: respecting people and learning abilities; 
  • Entrepreneurship: acquiring courage to do, innovate and invest;
  • Union: the whole is stronger than the individual.

The Votorantim we believe in.​

Management Beliefs​

We are here with the purpose of building, together, the company of our dreams. We want to be key players and take part on this story, making those dreams come true. We are driven by the joy in the achievements and fulfillment that work provides. We don't give up from what we believe and we are convinced that we can make Votorantim increasingly better. That is what drive us and makes us go ahead, improving us.​

And our attitudes reflect our values and beliefs, which translate our truths:

  • Nurturing Talents - We believe and trust in people, and because of that we invest time and resources nurturing our talents; 
  • Meritocracy - We believe people are unique, and they deserve to be valued fairly according to their efforts; 
  • Excellence - We believe we can always be better and give more, surpassing our challenges with discipline and simplicity; 
  • Pragmatism - We believe it is vital to dedicate our efforts toward relevant causes, with objectiveness and without losing the vision of the complete panorama and of the future; 
  • Open dialog - We believe a trustworthy environment benefits an open dialog and a space to speak and be heard, where the opinion diversity helps creating better solutions; 
  • Alliance - We believe our success is a result from a group building, strengthened by real relationships and alliances where everybody wins;
  • Ownership Posture - We believe in those who take responsibility, work passionately and lead giving an example, celebrating achievements and transforming errors in learning experiences.

This is the Votorantim we believe in and we are trying to build.
Votorantim Beliefs. We believe. We do.

​Principles of sustainability

For Votorantim, being sustainable is ensuring the business continuity and growth in long terms, foreseeing motivations from stakeholders and incorporating them to its goals. This means:

  • Being acknowledged by society as a socially and environmentally responsible company; 
  • Having sustainability as a strategy, guiding governance, management, education, decisions and investments - adding value; 
  • Evolving consistently along with economic, social and environmental results, searching for efficiency and trustworthiness in operations, following international standards; 
  • Being acknowledged as a company which attracts, develops and keeps talents to generate value and to build a fair, inclusive society; 
  • Having a commitment towards welfare, health and safety of its employees, customers and partners; 
  • Contributing to develop the communities where it is present; 
  • Promoting the cooperation and participation of all employees and stakeholders in the construction of partnerships and group work – aiming to generate mutual value.​

Download the Letter of Principles in Sustainability.​

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